NHibernates Search feature 2008-03-26

Ayende wrote about Googlize your entities: NHibernate & Lucene.NET Integration, but the only documentation I could find was this blog post.

I have created a sample application, using the NHibernate NHibernate-1.2.1.GA-src.zip and build it with NAnt in release mode. It uses SQL CE, so everything is packed in the file.

Download it here


Mohammad said...


Thanks for your great post. Unfortunately, I need the solution for ASP.NET with database where the object/customer is saved in a table. I tried to do it your way, but I failed. Can you please post the same project in ASP.NET with the database where customer information is saved. I just want to see & know how to save the data in the database & creating index at the same time and using the index while performing the search later. You can also email me or email me the source of the solution at mzhasan2004@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot.